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Monday, June 11, 2007

South Dakota Laptop Institute - Warlick session

Sitting here and listening to David Warlick and his session on Web 2.0. Really fascinating stuff, great presentation. Loved the story especially about the teacher in Canada who did away with his textbook (they were all stacked in the corner gathering dust) and instead had all the work as a Wiki. Here's the hook for teachers especially - when students aren't getting something he can actually go back and beef up that chapter. How cool is that. Wow. Differentiated learning on the fly. Then he described how Vicky Davis in Georgia does this but actually as the students write the chapters, themselves. David asked if the students made mistakes, yes, she said, but she didn't correct them unless really necessary, because she waited for the students to find their own mistakes.

Content - we are all creating it - we are all sharing it - we are all participating.

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David Warlick said...


It was wonderful spending time with you again, and especially seeing your keynote that evening. Some much is going on with laptops in students and teachers hands, and it is quite fortunate that we will all have more access to your expertise and experience.

Thanks for writing!