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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

NECC keynote session - Zolli et all

School statistics around the world - Dr. Francesc Pedro, US has much home Internet access, does not lead in educational tech in schools.  Unusual stats on computers at school and computers at home -- better at home.  But are they looking at laptops here, where home to school happens?

Varied presenters, extemporaneous speaking, most impressed by Elizabeth Streb.  How to loosen up education so creativity becomes the norm.  High bar set by Philadelphia - how does it actually work?  

Dr. Pedro, Language learning and the brain - start as early as possible - yet schools generally wait, sometimes all the way to middle school.

No physical evidence of differences in male and female brains (ha, here's a myth buster!)

"If we only had time for this in school ... we had time to think" - Mary Cullinane


Michael McCauley "Whole New Mind" by Pink recommended and "Dream Society" - look next week for a report on "Understanding the Brain" on emotions, foreign languages

Elizabeth Streb -

Mary Cullinane - Ask kids What motivates kids, trends, obstacles, what value, what environment

Zolli - - in which a man dresses up like a video and answers questions.  Mostly students view this.  Show what

**Funny alert - when Streb asked Cullinane if the offices at Microsoft were "Open Source" - Cullinane said they were "definitely NOT Open Source"!

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