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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2009 and One-to-One

Working on a HotChalk column for January and thinking of what new things will be in store for One-to-One. So far the list includes:
  • Cloud Computing/Portals - without a robust learning community/environment the potential for one-to-one is static.  
  • Obama team pays serious attention to One-to-One - this is already starting as Don Knezek of ISTE asked me and several others for input in response to questions he'd received from the Obama team.
  • Apple releases a tablet?  No insider (or outsider) information here, just resurfacing of rumors - and a sincere hope that Apple takes what they learned from iTouch, along with their design sense and knowledge of schools, and releases a tablet.
This is a short list - the longer and more detailed list will be on HotChalk in January.  

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