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Friday, July 4, 2008

HotChalk Column is Live

Two of the new Hot Chalk columns are live at - scroll down to the One-to-One area. They will be monthly although they asked me to write a few more to start off.

Two chapters for the 2nd edition of "1-to-1 Learning: Laptop Programs That Work" turned in a while ago (Leadership and Tablet PC's - the tablet chapter written by Dr. Dave Berque) and still ruminating about the third. This third chapter was going to be called "1-to-1 and Web 2.0" but then I thought the term Web 2.0 is going to become passe; who would title a book nowadays "The Information Super Highway" or something else archaic. People are talking about Web 3.0 anyway. This chapter needs to be about what you can do with 1-to-1 - or what people are doing with 1-to-1. So today will be spent scaffolding this chapter.

What pedagogies, what teaching approaches, work best with 1-to-1? Project-based learning and constructivism/constructionism come to mind. Also inquiry-based learning. Teaching without fear of losing control is really an underlying assumption when you start your practice shift. Shift is the idea. Technology as infrastructure, teaching from the side. Leadership has shifted so that most leaders understand they cannot be didactic and prescriptive but supportive, inspirational and enabling. Teachers that understand that will do best in the 1-to-1 classroom. The trick is making the work rigorous and meaningful while putting learners front and center.

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