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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Leadership and 1-to-1: Brainstorming

Brainstorming ideas on 1-to-1 and leadership:

  • Is leadership always leadership - does a good leader of a traditional school without committment to technology automatically become a good leader of 1-to1? (Likely it depends on philosophy, committment to learning, openness, personal beliefs about technology and whether it has the potential to transform teaching and learning)
  • Where does management fit. (Sometimes there are great leaders who are poor managers, sometimes great managers who fall short on leadership. What about 1-to-1 when there are logistical, technologicial, financial issues which must be addressed.)
  • Modeling and leadership - can the leader who personally eschews technology lead 1-to-1 (probably not)
  • Nurturing teachers - does the leader understand that everyone is coming at 1-to-1 from a different level and starting point - and needs then to move from that point - what is movement and how does the leadership nuture while challenging, support without enabling.
  • Change management - is it essential? One book we read at a school actually said change management was uneccessary for leaders. How can this be - or is this my prejudice?
  • Vision - built by consensus with others - or initiated by the leader?
  • Sharing and communicated vision - how?
A short list but will post again after the chapter on leadership is done.

Comments welcome!

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