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Saturday, August 4, 2007

Change ... Changing ... Half-Change ....

Looking through some U.S. district education sites - interesting that some have a lengthy list of technology skills for students but then few or none for teachers. Not that I'm a fan of skill lists.  Just noting the disparity here. 

Also thinking about change - the word change meaning that something has happened and has reached the state that it's become a noun, implying some kind of permanence.  But shouldn't the word be changing ... implying growth and continual movement.  Also, is there a "half change?"

It's the half change where I am most interested and involved.  Starting from where people are right now as educators as administrators.  Kind of like Vygotsky's "Zone of Proximal Development" - and what happens just before change - the "almost" state - maybe that's pre-change.

Anyway I hope we aren't blaming the teachers for technology not being fully integrated because that's not useful or helpful.  Just a thought after a lot of blog jumping -- and noticing a dichotomy of those who are completely onboard with Web 2.0 and newer technologies and those who are just learning about them.  

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